MPSC Important Books


When are MPSC exams conducted?

Mpsc exam is conducted every year in the month of November or December. Whole schedule of next year is declared by Mpsc department on the following website.

What are MPSC exams?

MPSC exams are the exams taken by MPSC department for various posts in administration such as PSI, STI, ASO, Clerk, Forest Officer, Rajyaseva etc.

Can MPSC exam be given in english?

Yes. Every question asked in MPSC Exam is bilangual  i.e. in Marathi and in English. (It is objective type)

Is MPSC exam held in English or Marathi language?

Mpsc exam is objective type and questions asked in exam are in Marathi as well as in English language.

How MPSC exam is conducted?

There are работа москва two parts in this examination system

1) Exam for the posts like Rajyaseva, Forest service , PSI, Agriculture service etc. conducted in three steps.

  1. Preliminary
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

2) Exams for the posts like STI, ASO, clerk, Tax assistant. conducted in two steps.

  1. Preliminary
  2. Mains

How to prepare for MPSC exams?

First step i s to read all the syllabus and understand the procedure as well as structure of examination then start study from basic books like state board books of History, Geography Science (5th to 10th ) Economics and Politics (11th and 12th ). Handwritten micro notes are very important and beneficial. Questions from previous year are also important along with proper reading.

Is MPSC exam hard ?

If we do systematic planning, read a proper book and practice questions regularly then it is an easy task to clear the exam.